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How to Meditate with Back Pain

Back pain is a very prevalent issue among people who meditate regularly. It can be very challenging to try to be more mindful when you have a persistent pain obstructing your mental bliss. Fortunately, there is a way to overcome this problem of back pain. Below are 4 steps on how to meditate with back pain!

Step 1: Stretch Your Back Before Meditating

The first thing you need to do if you want to meditate for longer periods of time is to stretch your muscles at the back. Not only does stretching aid in your back muscles to support healthy alignment, but also help in soothing stiffness of muscles. has an article on the various stretching exercises to reduce back pain before meditating.

Step 2: Support Your Spine And Hips

When meditating for long periods of time, most of the back pain experienced, especially lower back pain, is caused by poor posture. In this case, a meditation cushion may help elevate the hips and comfortably support your knees and legs, attaining ideal posture and getting rid of back pain in the process. For the sake of your back, check out my Top 5 Best Meditation Cushions for your meditation needs!

Step 3: Monitor The Position Of Your Hands And Arms

During meditation, a lot of people think that their hands must rest on their knees and their arms on their thighs. This may not be necessary. The posture of your hands and arms may not be ideal due to the degree of openness in your upper back and shoulders. You may gain from changes to your arm and hand positions that will reduce your back pain in the event that you have tighter shoulders. One way to lower back pain is to position your arms nearer to your body, resting on a pillow or with your hands on your lap.

Step 4: Welcome Tranquillity

The next step after having done all the necessary preparations to reduce back pain is to welcome serenity. Try to resist the uneasiness that is causing you to fidget in your seat after being able to differentiate from several sensations to pain. Slowly but surely, try to welcome serenity and be still. One way to practice this is to do meditations that allow you to examine stimuli around you. Take note of external stimuli rather than identifying with them as you resist the temptation to fidget or move around on your meditation cushion. This aids you in your capacity to distinguish pain from discomfort.


Reducing back pain during meditation will help you in your meditation and get closer to your inner self. Remember to pay attention to your body and be compassionate in your practice. The longer the periods that you sit during your meditation, the less back pain you will have and the easier these tips will come to you.