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How to Meditate with Crystals

As the world gets busier and more stressful over the years, people have turned to all sorts of ways to reduce their stress levels. Crystals are gaining in popularity in meditation for healing of the mind. But are there scientific evidence of the benefits of using crystals for meditation?

Presently, there is few direct evidence of the healing properties of crystals. According to a research done by Christopher French, Lyn Williams, and Hayley O’Donnell, crystals “only offer a placebo effect”. So that’s the disclaimer there. If you are still keen on using crystals for meditation, continue reading the section below…

Step 1: Choose your Crystal

This may seem obvious but for a newbie, it can get overwhelming to decide which one to choose. Below is a guide on what to include for your personal meditation practice:

Clear Quartz

This crystal is an all-purpose healer gem that oscillates deeply with all bodily chakras. It also can bring mental clarity and serenity to your mind during your meditation session. It’s best for beginners to start with this gem to get a feel of it before expanding their collection to other crystals.


This crystal claims to have a strong healing energy. It may help promote better sleep, support blood circulation and balance the chakras in your body. It is also said to be “nature’s tranquilizer” according to one crystal healing blog (See “References” section).


This crystal is said to bring mental focus, connection to angelic consciousness and past lives and detachment of entities to expose crucial matters in challenging situations.

Step 2: Cleanse your Crystals

Before you start meditating with crystals, you have to cleanse them first. There are many ways to cleanse your crystals to restore their healing power.

By moonlight

When night comes, put your crystals outdoors and let them bask in the moonlight. Do it for at least a few hours or better, all night.

By salt

Start by filling a bowl with salt and put the crystal inside. Partially submerge with sea salt for all night or some hours at the very least.

Step 3: Start meditating with your crystals

For beginners, you can start by holding your crystals in the palms of your hands. Feel free to move the gems around your hands until you find out what feels right.

After you have done this in your meditation practice for some time, you may now place the crystals at the chakras of your body. Chakras are “energy centres of the body”. More basic information about chakras can be found in the link here.

If the crystals touching your body or the act of lying down disrupts your meditation, you can try a crystal grid. For more infomation on crystal girds, you can click the link here.

That’s it! You are now ready to practice meditating with crystals! If you haven’t had crystals to practice meditation with, you can check out my best crystals recommendation here!