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Meditation with Crystals

As the world has become busier and busier, the challenges of daily life can create many stresses and worries. There are holistic alternatives available to help relieve these concerns, including meditation.  Allowing ourselves to have some time in stillness can promote a feeling of relaxation and allow stresses and worries to drift away.  Crystals are becoming increasingly popular in tandem with meditation for mind healing. This brief guide will give you an insight into how you can meditate with crystals.

This guide has been written for beginners who have not used crystals and would like to learn about their healing properties alongside meditation.  Experienced crystal practitioners should feel free to browse the links below to learn more about the combined benefits of crystals and meditation.

Let’s get started with more details about crystal meditation:

Step 1: Choose your Crystal

Choosing the right crystal may seem obvious, but it can be overwhelming to anyone new to crystal mediation. Here are some examples of crystals and how they can work in harmony with your meditation practice:-

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz crystal is an all-purpose healer gem that oscillates deeply with all bodily chakras. It can bring mental clarity and serenity to your mind during your meditation session.

Beginners should start with this gem to get a feel before expanding their collection to additional crystals.


This gem is said to have powerful therapeutic properties. It may help you have a better night’s sleep, improve blood circulation, and balance your chakras. According to one crystal healing blog, it is described as “nature’s tranquilizer” (name the blog and link it)


Selenite brings mental focus, connection to angelic consciousness and past lives, and detachment of entities to help gain clarity in challenging situations.

Now you have chosen your crystal, let’s take the next step.

Step 2: Cleanse your Crystals

To maintain the purity of your crystals, it is advisable to first cleanse your crystals before meditating with them.  This helps to maintain the natural healing power of your crystals. Here are some techniques to use:

The Power of Moonlight

Moonlight has healing and nurturing powers, by placing your crystals outdoors they can absorb the moonlight and all its healing strength. It is preferable to leave them for a few hours or overnight.

The Power of Salt

Fill a bowl with sea salt and partially submerge the crystals for a few hours or overnight.  Salt has traditionally been used for its ability to absorb negative energy and water helps break down toxins. 

The Power of Intention

A wonderful way to cleanse your crystals and strengthen your connection to them, is to sit quietly with your crystals and imagine a shining beam of light travelling from the universe and diffusing all the negativity and toxins carried within your crystals.  You will intuitively feel when this has been completed.

Step 3: Start meditating with your Crystals.

Beginners might start by placing their crystals in the palms of their hands. Feel free to move the jewels about in your hands until you find a comfortable position.

After you have practiced crystal meditation for a time, you can now place the crystals at the chakras on your body.

Chakras can be defined as the energy centres of the body.  Students can find further information about chakras in the link. Click here to read more.

If there is any discomfort with the crystals touching the body when lying down, you can use a crystal grid to support to your meditation process. You can learn more about crystal grids by following this link.

You are now ready to practice meditating with crystals! If you would like further recommendations for crystals to practice meditation with, you can check out my best crystals suggestions here!