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Meditation with Music

Do you feel fatigued and disinterested in life lately? Stressed and worn-out when you wake up in the morning? Feeling tensed and dreary from what life seems to offer you? Maybe it’s time to listen to some soothing and beautiful music while you meditate to make you more resilient to what life throws at you.

Turning on calming and relaxing music during your meditative work-out has many benefits. Some of them include feeling inspired, lowering of stress, promoting of better harmony of emotions, healing of your body, better dietary and sleep habits. Let’s get started on how to meditate with music to relax for the day!

Step 1: Choose a relaxing song to play

If you hadn’t had a collection of relaxing songs to play, you can select and buy a meditation CD in my Top 3 Best Guided Meditation CD post. Yep, it’s has affiliate links (the proceeds from the sale will go about to maintain this site) but rest assured I only promote products from Amazon that are of best quality.

Step 2: Make yourself comfortable to relax

This can be done by brewing a hot cup of camomile tea when the weather is cold, supporting yourself with blankets and pillows or just simply relax being sit at a chair or lying down a bed.

Step 3: Play the song and close your eyes

Step 4: Concentrate on the sound of the music being played

Step 5: Bring back your attention to the song when it is distracted

Step 6: Keep on focusing on the music until it ends or set a timer to end about 5 to 10 mins time if the music plays very long

By concentrating our attention to the music (instead of being distracted by unpleasant incidents during the working day), we choose to calm ourselves down and achieve a deeper state of relaxation. We begin to take control of our mental and emotional lives instead of simply reacting to stressful situations. Hopefully the music even inspires you to be more forgiving of other people’s transgressions towards you and learn to let go!