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Self-Enquiry Meditation

What is Self-Enquiry Meditation (SEM)?

Self-enquiry meditation is a type of meditation that overcomes our unrealistic impression of self and allows us to attain wholeness. The main benefit of practicing SEM regularly is the realization that you are not who you think you are. Our mind is conditioned to factual things such as our job and family status. However, those who have practiced SEM long enough to achieve a moment of true enlightenment will tell you that we are actually pure energy. SEM brings us beyond the illusions to the true nature of reality. SEM is a potent form of meditation as it joins us to our deepest being. It helps us to discover that we are not constrained by the physical universe. In fact, we are unadulterated energy.

Tips for SEM

Find a Tranquil Place to Meditate

Sit silently somewhere placid. Ideally this place should be a calming neutral ground with no reminder of oneself. For example, there should be no pictures of oneself present or any personal belongings.

Sit Upright

Sit in a good position. Put your feet apart from each other by the width of your shoulders. Open the space in your chest by turning your shoulders back and opening them outwards by a little. To extend your neck, tuck your chin down.

Take Deep Breaths to Relax

Breathe in and out slowly and deeply for a short while so that you can calm yourself down.

Ask Yourself This Question “What am I?”

Once you are fully relaxed, enquire to yourself “What am I?” Let the question rest in your thoughts; avoid confronting the question or finding answers to it. Observe the source of the question. Find the source of the question by reflecting inward.

Continue to Reflect on This Question “What am I?”

Persist in contemplating inwards as the question passes through your mind. Sooner or later, you will discover that the centre of yourself is a total vacuum.

Meditate on the Vacuum

This will free you from the expectations and pressures of the physical realm.

SEM Video

The below video is a recorded demonstration of SEM.


Many of us have untrue beliefs about ourselves that cause us to live a life that we believe we are. Unless we change our awareness of ourselves, it is not probable that we can defeat the pattern of belief-becoming-reality. Fortunately, practicing SEM can help us free from the unhelpful invalid thought processes we have. For example, if you think and believe that you are lazy (and hence act lazily to support your belief), SEM can help bypass that belief so that you can be hardworking. I believe anyone can benefit from this meditative practice.