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Visualization Meditation

What is Visualization Meditation?

Visualization meditation is a technique of seeing in the mind’s eye positive pictures, beliefs or emblems or using positive self-talk or chanting of words or sounds to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. This type of meditation works because the brain is not always able to differentiate between imagination and reality. This method can help you better manage stress or fear and feel more tranquil. It is also a good way to improve your frame of mind or to relax before sleeping.

How to Practice Visualization Meditation

  1. Find a pleasant meditation spot where you can sit or lie down.
  2. Shut your eyes and start by taking slow deep breaths.
  3. Imagine a scene where you feel relaxed and happy. This scene can be somewhere you have been to previously or a fictitious place you would wish to travel to.
  4. Utilize your five senses to input as much detail as possible to your “happy place”.
  5. Visualize yourself going forth, feeling relaxed and tranquil as you get into your “happy place” more intensely.
  6. Persist in taking slow breaths as you explore around the “happy place” you have imagined, fully appreciating it with your five senses.
  7. As you breathe in, visualize tranquillity and unanimity go into your body. As you breathe out, imagine tiredness, pressure and anxiety exit your body.
  8. You can leave your imagery when you are done relaxing. Being aware that you can always go back to your “happy place” when you need it can help lengthen your feeling of relaxation for the whole day.

Visualization Meditation Video

The following video is an example of how to practice visualization meditation under the guided instruction of a meditation teacher.


Visualization meditation can help you cope with difficult emotions and better manage stress and frustration. It is one of my favourite forms of meditation especially on the days when I am feeling down. Although it doesn’t come naturally for most people (you likely will feel a bit inept trying it out for the first few times), with steady practice, you will become more proficient at it.