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About Calming Mindfulness

Hi there! I am Kenny and I am from Singapore. I founded Calming Mindfulness to provide mental resilience and wellness to the various life challenges readers face on a day to day basis. From conflicts in the family and workplace to broken relationships to rising cost of living to external threats and problems like war, terrorism, Covid-19 pandemic, income inequality and homelessness, it is little wonder that many people are stressed out, jaded and unhappy by life.

While such challenges are real and can’t be totally eradicated, this website aims to promote joy, wellness and fulfilment by focusing on the one thing that we can all control: our thoughts in our mind. This is where meditation comes in.

There are many mental health benefits of practicing meditation on a regular basis. Two of them are stress reduction2,3 and better emotional health11,12,13. (See medical research studies under the “References” section of this website)

My Story

I grew up in a middle income family in Singapore. When I was a teenager, although I did well in my studies to be able to enter a good pre-university school, I wasn’t a very happy or optimistic person. Being not a very popular student in high school (aka secondary school), I was lonely and wished for friends to talk to and celebrate my birthday together with me. I was diagnosed with major depression when I was in pre-U and had suicide ideation.

Now, fast forward to being an adult, I realised most of my unhappiness comes from the mind. My favourite form of meditation is visualization meditation. I also realised that there are many people worldwide that are dissatisfied by life circumstances. Hence, Calming Mindfulness was founded.

Calming Mindfulness was designed for people new to the meditation practice. I hope the resources I have painstakingly researched in this website will help you get started in meditating.

For better mental health, better life!